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JAM Operates on Donations!

Here at JAM, we operate exclusively through the support of donations and grants! These contributions serve as one of the most vital parts of our success. Whether funding crucial maintenance, acquiring new equipment, or facilitating accessible programs for all, your generous donations are the catalyst for creating a welcoming space where individuals of all ages can engage in enriching activities and culture a healthier and more connected society. Without the support of our incredible community, JAM would be unable to fulfill our mission of fostering a thriving, inclusive space for wellness and social engagement. Your donations make our mission possible!

What Your Donations Do For JAM

Donations are the lifeblood of our center and ensure that we can continue to provide excellent service to our community. Donations are used to:

  • Ensure our center remains fully staffed
  • Encourage professional staff development
  • Expand our programs and accessibility
  • Provide financial assistance programs
  • Promote wellness events and classes
  • Complete regular maintenance of our facility
  • Provide wellness education resources
  • Partner with healthcare providers
  • Supply innovative fitness technology
  • Offer all of our services, classes, and events to the community!
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Donate Today

Your donations empower our center and our mission!