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I14 Before & After School Program

I14 believes in providing an out-of-school environment for children that is comforting and choice-filled. We feel that children need a calming environment that offers independence, possibility, and a variety of activities that meet their interests. Before school, children have a quiet environment to prepare their minds for a day of learning, and our after-school environment allows children to unwind from their information-filled day or engage themselves in fun and meaningful work.

What is I14?

I14 stands for what we strive to give children in our school environment. We believe in thoughtful interactions and intentionality in our program designed to meet the needs of school-age children.

  • Independence
  • Investigation
  • Innovation
  • Inclusion
  • Individualism
  • Industrialism
  • Ingenuity
  • Interest
  • Investment
  • Invention
  • Inspiration
  • Interaction
  • Involvement
  • Infinite possibilities for children to learn, grow, and use their knowledge together and individually.
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During the school year, I14 is open at 6:00 am until school begins and after school until 5:30 pm.

We are open during school delays, cancellations, and vacations, and offer full-time care from 6:00 am – 5:30 pm in the summer.


We believe in providing healthy, delicious, and homemade meals for our students. Snacks are provided for those in before and after school care. School cancellations and full-time summer care includes breakfast, lunch, and a snack at no additional cost. On school days, breakfast is available for purchase through GKB Schools.

Pricing & Options

Before & After School – $70/week

Before School Only – $35/week

After School Only – $60/week

Summer Program – $115/week


JAM Early Education educates children by giving them hands-on activities and real experiences, allowing children to find meaning in the work they do and increasing their depth of learning. We teach children by starting with a simple idea (such as putting on their shoes) and moving into more complex concepts (tying their own shoes). By teaching this way, we create an interest for the child to know more about a topic and grow to fully understand it.

Each child is recognized and valued as a unique individual with a capacity for growth and development. Each child is guided to develop in all areas - emotionally, socially, creatively, and intellectually - by offering opportunities that are the right fit for their current development.

All of our teachers participate in principle-based child development training, First Aid, CPR, and AED training and certification, and continuous direct training with our JAMEE Leadership staff to ensure the best care for your child. We support our teachers with ongoing review, coaching, and mentorship, and we encourage self-reflection, collaborative growth, and professional development throughout their employment at JAM.

We accept Brightpoint vouchers and offer multi-child discounts for full-time families. JAM also offers assistance in the form of scholarships.

To apply for a scholarship, visit the Welcome Center to fill out an application or click here. Scholarships are limited and are provided for families based on availability.

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