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JAM Summer Camps (3-6)

Join JAM for three weeks full of fun activities that are rooted in child development!

JAM Summer Camps

Join JAM for three weeks of fun and educational activities. Swim Camp is offered from 5:00-5:30pm and Recreational Camp is offered from 5:45-6:30pm.

You must register separately for each week.

See below for a week by week breakdown at what all of our participants will be doing!

Swim Camps

Week 1 - Fun & Fitness: In this week, we will be working on how we can combine fun with fitness, students will be challenged to do activities that are skill based such as, floating challenges, jumping challenges and swimming challenges.

Week 2 - We are Family!: In this week, we will be focusing on team work through a series of skills and games such as, obstacle courses, relay races and ball water games

Week 3 - Exploration: In this week, we will get to explore the pool environment and how the bodies works through a series of activities and adventures

Rec Camps

Week 1 - Hero Week: Exploration • Scavenger Hunt • Teamwork Drills

This week campers will be challenged to work together as a team to complete scavenger hunts and drills together focused around hero figures and role models. Fundamentals from the sport of soccer and running form will be mixed in with the drills and games from the week.

Week 2 - Mission Impossible: Gymnastics • Martial Arts • Obstacle Course (Hide and Seek Freeze Tag)

This week campers will enjoy aspects of martial arts obstacle courses to complete. There will be emphasis on communication and listening skills this week, along with fundamentals of basketball and running form.

Week 3 - Dino Week: Outdoor (Dino Egg Race) Football Relays • Scavenger Hunt • Capture the Flag • Dino Egg Toss

This week campers will get a blast from the past while they enjoy some prehistoric themed games and activities mixed in with fundamentals of Football and agility training.

There is limited space available so make sure to click the button below to register now! Contact either Alex Trusty, [email protected], or Ruben Holcomb, [email protected], with any questions.

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